Climate: Swedish Power One acts on facts

Companies and players are now needed to translate visionary business ideas on how CO2 emissions can be reduced, and have the ability to translate these into concrete actions, services and products that all combine sustainable economic, social, ecological and technological growth with the climate challenges.


The outcome of the closed climate summit in Madrid was diluted as the countries could not agree on the view on emissions trading. However, the total failure failed as it was agreed that climate promises should be tightened continuously rather than just renewed and that the policy should be in line with the research results that Power One has taken into account in its business model of reducing CO2 emissions.


Greta Thunberg, who was appointed as the world's most influential person by Time magazine and called  the "biggest voice within the biggest issue" faced by the planet, also stress the importance of absorbing research results and focus the economy to immediately reduce global CO2 emissions. Swedish Power One now act on the fact and creates a climate-adapted business model by setting a value per ton of CO2 saved. Instead of buying into the right to emit CO2, you can now get paid instead if you save CO2. By applying blockchain technology to this type of business model, Power One has developed the international crypto currency Ceeotoo.


All EU countries, which together represent the world's largest economy, agree to work for a climate-neutral EU in 30 years. The goal is to through legislation adapt its economy to climate neutrality by 2050.


Power One has noted that the demand for energy in the world is very high, and that the interest in renewable energy energy is increasing at a rapid pace. By taking into account both energy needs but also working to reduce CO2 emissions, Power One is already today working in line with the EU's target picture.


In summary, by investing in the Swedish start-up company Power One Burundi AB's ongoing share issue, until January 20, 2020, the company's growing number of climate- and business-conscious investors are already contributing to the realization of the EU's objective image, but also paying respect to Greta Thunberg's message about taking up the research and starting to act to create sustainable solutions - and thus enable future generations to live on earth.


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