Reflection: Open source journalism

Mr Thony Norelli, the founder of Sprinkle Group, asked me last week to be Editor-in-chief of a very ambitious news agency, The Sprinkle Daily. I am very grateful for this assignment. 

This is my real profession, and even though I had chosen to leave journalism in favour of sustainable development, this offer still fits me perfectly. I will thereby be able to combine the development of  sustainable business projects in Kabonga, south Burundi, with the Sprinkle Daily and investigative journalism Kabonga is a fantastic opportunity, both as a show case, but also as an open source study in sustainable development. You will be able to read a lot about it in the future here at Sprinkle Daily.The opportunity to integrate this with open source journalism gives me both joy and energy! 

Together, all of us in the Sprinkle Team can make a quite substantial input to the survival of humanity. And, I am also convinced that we can make the leap of change into a both wise and innovative ride for all of us.
Wisdom and innovation is not always linked, but when it happens it can lead to wonderful things. This is what we need now, in order to make the next big leap forward as a species. Modern investors are well aware of this and need trusted sources of reliable and innovative information in order to make the best investment. That's what I want us at Sprinkle Daily to provide. 

We Homo sapiens are well known (at least among ourselves..) for being extremely creative and to find positive solutions to problems. This is the time to prove that.  I am convinced that we can do the big leap forward we need to do both peacefully and with happiness. If we look at the state of the world with clear eyes and search for the bits of pieces that are filled with life and that can grow and form the future. Just like we can plant some billion trees to get rid of the greenhouse effect, it can also be done for create the the sustainable economy that has to follow. No problem. We just need to put our heads together and do it, by open source sharing. If the last century focused on the survival of ME, this will focus on the survival of WE. 

With this attitude in the base I am sure we at Sprinkle Daily can provide a good and reliable source of information for modern investors - and this way Sprinkle Daily will be a part of the solution, not the problem.

It will take some time for us to find the form, and I hope our readers will appreciate the results, but this is the ambitions we will make happen!

All the best!

Peter Rinaldo


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