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Cleaning of Lake Tanganyika

(Bujumbura, Burundi) Lake Tanganyika is still clean and crystal clear but even here some plastic waste need to be removed. Blockhomes Burundi has therefore been invited by other local organisations to collaborate with them in their commitment to make the lake and the town of Bujumbura clean.


The Government of Burundi has issued a decree prohibiting the usage of plastic bags in 2020. In this objective, Blockhomes Burundi, represented by one of its technicians Gustave Niyongere in collaboration with other local NGOs, launched a campaign of collecting plastic waste this weekend.

The effort has been initiated by youth organisations, among them CIAD, CPAJ, and AIDB. These youth organisations have decided to conduct a fight against plastic waste everywhere in Bujumbura town and on the beach of Tanganyika lake.

This saturday 22, 2019, three lorries, representing more than 20 cubic meters of plastic waste have been collected by the youth. For these sustainable development activists, the target is: "zero plastic in Bujumbura town and on Tanganyika Lake beaches".


The Team


Blockhomes Gustave Niyongere and J. Baptiste Sibo from CIAD also plan a recycling program for the organic waste by producing electricity from the old waste and to replace plastc bags by paper bags.

The campain will be executed every two weeks. The sustainable development activists call all volunteers to join them, and financers to provide means for this initiative.

African strawberry export growing

The country of Teranga could very soon be the 2nd largest strawberry exporting country in Africa. Strawberry cultivation is becoming more prevalent in the country. This thesis is explained by the increased pragmatism of young Senegalese entrepreneurs who have now formed a network.

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