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Modern home that generates all of its own energy

When a couple decided to “break free” and realize their long-awaited eco-friendly dream home, they turned to Chapel Hill-based architect Arielle Condoret Schechter to bring their vision to life. With their grown son now out of the house, the couple wanted to downsize to a simple modernist home where they could peacefully age in place. Nestled in a secluded place in the woods of Chatham County, North Carolina, the resulting sustainable home is custom-designed to meet all their needs, from achieving net-zero energy to its modernist design with architectural elements inspired by the Netherlands-based De Stijl movement of the early 1900s.

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Modern precision agriculture could help farmers reduce fertiliser use

Synthetic fertilizers aren’t great for natural ecosystems, but they do help farmers produce the crop yields needed to feed the world’s skyrocketing population. Since major chemical companies began pushing fertilizers, farmers have been spraying their fields and hoping for the best. Over the past two decades, however, controlled-release fertilizers have become available with high-precision release formulas that are not only better for the plants but are arguably better for the planet.

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Finnish company makes protein powder from carbon dioxide

According to Solar Foods, Solein is “100 times more climate friendly” than all other animal- and plant-based proteins. In fact, the company also claims it is 10 times more efficient than soy production in terms of carbon footprint.

How does it work? The company says it mixes water molecules with nutrients like potassium and sodium and then feeds the solution plus carbon to microbes. The microbes consume the nutrients and produce an edible substance that looks like flour and is 50 percent protein.

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Indigenous tribe celebrates court decision to protect Amazon rainforest

The Waorani indigenous tribe are celebrating the decision of a court in Ecuador that will prevent the sale of land in the Amazon rainforest to oil companies.

A court in Ecuador has upheld a ruling that prevents the government from selling land in the Amazon rainforest to oil companies, a move activists called a historic win for the Waorani indigenous tribe living there.

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Electric ferry to set sail in Denmark

The world's most powerful electric ferry harbouring the largest battery pack ever installed in a seafaring vessel is primed to begin transporting passengers, operator Ærø Kommune announced today. 
The Ellen E-ferry will be the first electric ferry to have no back-up generator on board.
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New stock exchange for responsible investors

If regulators give their approval, Scotland's first new stock exchange in nearly 50 years will launch this year to list securities with measurable environmental or social outcomes

From renewable energy companies to social housing funds, investors around the world are increasingly drawn to organisations that offer social or environmental as well as financial returns.

Now, a new breed of market is springing up from Scotland to India to help them identify investment opportunities - and make it easier for organisations that seek to do good to raise funds.

If regulators give their approval, Scotland's first new stock exchange in nearly 50 years will launch this year to list securities - tradeable assets, such as bonds, funds and stocks and shares - with measurable environmental or social outcomes.

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Huawei optimistic about its sustainable development

Huawein logo over building in China, Shenzhen.

Despite obstacles and challenges the tech giant Huawei is facing, the company's chairman Liang Hua is optimistic about its sustainable development. "Huawei will definitely survive and it will get better and better", Liang said at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen. On July 12th, Huawei released a report on sustainable development, emphasizing the company's hard work to broaden its technology to customers around the globe. "Huawei's sustainable development is critical to ensuring the technological development of the global network and IT industry, as well as the stability of the network", Liang added. The tech giant operates in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over 3 billion people worldwide.

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Azerbaijan to present report on SDG at the UN conference in New York

City of Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan will report its achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals at the UN conference in New York on July 15. This will be the second voluntary report submitted by Azerbaijan´s Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman - Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Pary, Ali Ahmadov as he leaves for a working visit to the US. The country presented its 1st voluntary report to the UN in July 2017.

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Jessica Folcker Named New Sustainability Ambassador at The Sprinkle Group

Jessica Folcker, formerly known as The Sprinkle Group’s assistant influencer/blogger, has been promoted to Sustainability Ambassador. This is a new role within The Sprinkle Group that aims to ensure that the company is constantly maintaining eco-friendly business standards in the workplace and promoting awareness for our current environmental crisis.

As Sustainability Ambassador, Jessica has her hand in each of Sprinkle’s subsidiary companies. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to: striving to create sustainable business solutions by generating new ideas, establishing partnerships, and promoting information about sustainable research and practices with the Sprinkle network.

 "This is a very engaging task and exactly what I want to do. There is nothing more important today than to reverse the global warming and make sure we never go back to the careless greed of last century industrialism. Therefore I am sure I will be a very dedicated sustainability ambassador at Sprinkle!", says Jessica. 

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