How some Republicans in Florida turned into eco-warriors

Many in Florida blame the then Governor Scott for pushing policies that put business first and the environment second, all with a blind eye to how clearly those two are intertwined in Florida. Today many Floridians blame much of the water pollution – and therefore the algae problem – on the sugar industry, or “big sugar”.
“Unlike other areas of the country, there’s a strong conservative tradition here in Florida for actually being pro-environment,” he explained. “If we have clean water, it’s a good idea for beaches and tourism.”, say Jason Evans, an assistant professor of environmental science and an environmental policy expert who makes an effort to talk to Republican voters and politicians about green issues.
“I have talked with Republicans privately who acknowledge the science of climate change but have also said pretty explicitly that they can’t talk about it, because their base voters have been conditioned to say that climate change is something that Republicans don’t believe in.”

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