Can the whole message capitalism communicates come from a profound misconception of us as a species? Are we really evolutionary developed to be selfish because as that, would we survive this far? Do we not seem to be programmed to be in a WE, to be "a part of", not "me first".
As humans we´re originally born to fit into a community containing a compexity of different individuals, and all together, as a collective we contain all human capital the group needs to survive and thrive?

It was never intended that only a few individual in the tribe should retain all the prey or food we cultivated. Nor the treasures we found. We are simply programmed to share and to care for each other.
Maybe therefore the greatest contentment we can feel as humans arises from good sharing. It always increases the pleasure. So even our emotions are shaped to benefit the community.
Some of us are skilled hunters, others wonderful caregivers, we have the alphas.. and on it goes. 

This ofcourse does not mean that the personal satisfaction is less important, it just needs to be seen in a different perspective. More as a part of the complexity a community is build upon. It is like a garden where everything we need grows. And like a garden we need to take care of the community and see that specific qualitys is represented. We all have a function and gifts to share. 
Otherwise we end up in a monoculture, and that we would never ever want.
The whole point with differences is to complete eachother so that together we have everything.

The last decades has been influenced by psycologists like Sigmund Freud and economic theorists like Adam Smith and their analysis has been very unbalanced in the sense of whom we really are as humans.
They just show us one side of the coin.
When we meet someone radiating of good energy it makes a difference in us.
We get affected, because good stuff is contagious.
And if what we focus on grows; it is hight time to flip the coin.
We are far from bad.

The whole last century almost convinced us that the human nature is very dark and egoistic.
These theories have had a great impact, more deeply than we might understand. Together with misconceptions about human nature provided by the christian culture we got very susceptible for such a ajustable system as that provided by Smith´s free market economic theory.
It turned out to be very misused.

It is like we expect already in advance that some of us will get abused, as if it is "a part of the human nature" to profit from other peoples suffering. This makes us full of self-contempt and very sad inside.
We incorrectly look at ouselves as bad.
Ofcourse the less flattering sides within the human nature exists, but so does the good ones.
And as the story goes;

The story of the two wolves is common among Native people. It’s the story in which a grandmother conveys to a group of children that there is a continuous battle going on within each of us—the battle between two wolves. One wolf represents love, compassion, and honesty.
The other wolf represents fear, judgment, and dishonesty.
Then one of the children asks, “Grandmother, which wolf wins?”
To which the grandmother answers,
“Which ever one you feed.”



In this era there is no doubt that we are in the center of the storm just about to take off to the next evolutionary steps as a specie.
We have developed the characteristics of the bad wolf for one whole century and can probobly agree on the less charming result. Not at all what benefits us. Not as individuals nor as a community.
It is about our free will. The choice is ours and today we are rapidly transforming and entering a process of profound change. We all want to be the good wolf, because it gives us joy and pleasant power.
The capitalist system has offered us the greatest challenge of all and tested our free will. We have the opportunity to use it as a tool for exactly the purpose we choose.

The development of the fundaments of capitalism is right by our feet and can still be possible if we act wisely. The circular economy structure can indeed be perfectly fitting and guiding within the capitalistic frame. Constructivity and long term commitments is essential and the normal and well established growth process needs revaluation and refinement.

We can no longer accept less good solutions when there is better ones to choose because of greed spelled quick economic profit. The investment market carries a huge responsibility in choosing sustainable solutions. Also we need patience to wait for companys to find the very best enviromentally friendly products. There is nothing wrong with rejecting what is simply not good enough. We´ll just need to try again.  



The strategy among investors looking for quick cash could really mature as the care for future generation must have first priority. Wisdom and concern needs to be added as a fundament to decisions. 

When we honestly ask these questions and remain courageous enough to face into the answers, then we will have moved ourselves in the direction of providing more food to the good wolf, and less to the bad wolf, and in so doing, we move ourselves gradually toward a life of greater meaning and purpose.

To see the potential is not hard. Captalism is like an empty form which we can shape and fill according to our needs, and the needs we have now is to meet the youth generation and take their need of safety serious.
We need to show up, throw out all inmature greed with the bathwater and replace it with actions based on reason and concern.

As our young generation so clearly shows us - it is time to wake up.

Choose wisely!


Source: Sprinkle Daily





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