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A taxi business only for women and children

Her name is 37-year-old Sade Agboola and she started her own taxi company whose cars will only be driven by women. To launch this concept, it was inspired by the public announcement of the decision of King Salman of Saudi Arabia to allow the women of the country to drive.

British and mother of a child, Sade Agboola has started the activities of Annisa Cars since October 2017. It is now a taxi company whose customers are only women and children. And, Annisa Cars vehicles are driven only by women. The goal is for women and children to return home safely.

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New Trade Deal Could Boost Africa's Economy by $3.4 Trillion

Africa is poised to transform its economy — if the latest trade deal becomes successful.

African leaders have announced that the long-talked about continental free-trade zone is now a reality. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will see the 55 member states of the African Union working as a single economic unit that’s expected to turn the continent into a $3.4 trillion export economy.

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Nuvens Watch - The first African smart watch

At a time when digital is more and more present in our daily lives, digital innovation has begun to develop on the African continent in recent years to propose solutions that, in the long term, will improve the daily life in Africa. . Ken Kelvin M'Baz, co-founder of the Nuvens Technology start-up company, is behind the first-ever African smart medical watch called Nuvens Watch.

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E-commerse now possible in Africa

Everything starts from a fairly recurring observation: buying online and delivering to Africa is a real headache.

To include Africa in the world of international e-commerce three young Gabonese entrepreneurs have created the keeCash app.

The solution the KeeCash team has come up with is a fully automated application allowing:

1) Online payment via mobile money 
2) Delivery to the customer without a customs procedure with attractive rates 
3) Order tracking in the application 

The users of the KeeCash application are more and more numerous with an increase of over 35% per month over the last 6 months. This is the need for Africans of such an application that takes care of everything in just a few clicks.

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