The art of cultivating kindness and sanity in a time of climate crisis.


There is a new era coming, a paradigm shift into new ways. Nobody doubts that anymore. This period in time is probably the most confusing for decades. We constantly get reminded by teenagers, scientists and activists, that there is crisis increasing right now. Demostrations and different kinds of manifestations all over the world is almost on a daily basis. There is no mercy, no place to hide. No chance to dismis the call. For many of us the power and engagement is beyond beautiful to witness. Right here lies the true power of people coming together, for the good of all! For the sake of life!

So what is it then the kind, sober and sane response? To check all facts is excessive to mention. No matter if you are a climate denier or if you got totally absorbed by the movement, nobody walks through this time unaffected. And the simmering activity gets most people in a mood for doing something, either it is from reason or from pure passion. Maybe it is hard to stay sane all through. We do react. All of us.

During the transition we get triggered and our personal preferences get challenged aswell as our habits. Everything we have trusted changes. And so it is. Now we need to trust that the process will take us home, even if home will be a bit different. Aswell as understanding our reactions on a human level. We are programmed to resist changes. It is like instinctive reactions. Very few people feel safe when nothing can be taken for granted. Except for the ones whom clearly sees the necessity. Many of them young. So we need to be bold, talk to eachother and get prepared. See our resistans for what it is and get tools to comfort our fears the best way we can.

Because change is coming.




This could be the biggest obstacle to get over for the conversion to a sustainable world. Our fears of the unknown. Our fears is to be recognized and understood, but that does not mean that it can be allowed to guide the process. We just need to acnowledge and admit that it simply is a part of the journey. And get going despite that fact. The focus must be to get sustainable, with kindness and courage as tools. 

If you are a person who lives a life with a lot more to wish for, of course you are scared that things will get worse. If you are happy and content in your life, you might be afraid to loose the comfort and the privileges you have. No matter the situation, we are all more or less afraid of the unknown.
We are human.
As simple as that.

Maybe we can vision a world where there is a balance between human and nature. Where our foundation for acting comes from the idea that we are a part of nature. For too long we have been playing a role as masters of our universe. We have acctually changed the climate.
Just imagine what we can achive.

What maybe needs to be seen in the process is that the whole western culture gets questioned. The materialistic values from which our development grows from becomes questionable from the perspective, if this makes us happy. The whole community experiences a sinking level of wellbeing and a deepening feeling of confusion as we loose contact with nature to which we belong. The citylife of many people does not provide enough contentment, especially when lot of peole seldom or never spends time in nature.
Maybe time to reconnect and reclaim our own nature.




We need to show compassion for the reactions shown by the adult people that critizises Greta Thunberg and all the young people around her. The critics fight a hard battle on fear and shame. The frustration we express about the climate crisis illustrate very well the mindset that is a part of the rootcause of the problem. The lack of perspective for generational wellbeing. Hardly no wisdom in the understanding of what is sustainable. How sad is to read and listen to words full of disdain for a teenager raising her voice to speak her heart, not just for her own sake, but for a whole generation. Or acctually a whole world. It is heartbreaking to see the condemnation and contempt aswell as parts of the establishment tries to shoot the messengers. Constructivity is required. Patience and compassion about the underlying issues those people deal with is essential.

The critic should be on matter never ever on a personal level,
especially not towards someone young. 

Please question the scientists instead.


Have a great weekend!


Source: Sprinkle Daily







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