The energy supply of the future - the step from charcoal to renewable electricity

Today, large parts of the earth's population live without access to electricity and in some cases with charcoal as the sole source of energy. At first glance, this may prove to be a major challenge, but in the next moment may actually involve new investments in renewable energy systems without having to take the traditional development steps.

The energy sector accounts for close to two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Today, it is estimated that 1.3 billion people live without access to electricity or other clean fuels and 2.8 billion use biomass for cooking. In other words, there is great potential here to create a future sustainable social development.
More and more business leaders around the world today recognize the need to rapidly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the business world and at the same time an opportunity to participate in and contribute to this development. This is in a time of spirit when old "truths" need to be replaced with new innovative solutions based on renewable energy sources for humanity's survival.

New projects are now starting around the world that aim to create an access to renewable electricity for the large proportion of the world's population, which today is without and most of them only have charcoal as an energy source. In these projects, anchoring in the local community is an important social and economic prerequisite for contributing to long-term ecological sustainability.

The sustainability perspective also includes creating new payment platforms based on the digital development that is taking place today in the modern global environment.
This together means that the need for renewable electricity will greatly increase and new solutions are created based on water, wind and solar energy.

Yesterday, some of the world's top leaders gathered at the UN Climate Summit in New York as a step towards COP25, the UN Climate Conference, which will be held in Santiago, Chile in December this year. Following Greta Thunberg's emotional speech during the climate summit followed a speech by Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who focused on the concrete work of making heavy industries more sustainable. "The transition from gray to green in these sectors is a key in the fight against climate change," said Stefan Löfven from the pulpit.

The process is underway and it is now up to the world's leading politicians, business leaders and all of us to seize the opportunity for a global climate change and contribute to a paradigm shift in sustainable development.


Source: Sprinkle Daily


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