The horizon brightens

When we look around and take part in the flood of news, there are all reason to be seriously worried. The environment needs protection NOW, and we MUST act!

We must act quickly and vigorously and be prepared to sacrifice for the sake of survival. The alarm is loud and clear.
And the best part is - WE`RE DOING IT!
It acctually is happening....

There are a lot of good things happening to cherish though the critics say the process is far to slow, but we have reason to belive that a cumulative effect is right ahead. As with many good trends it starts in a small scale and suddenly it is everywhere....
The care for future generations and our children of today touches everyone of us on a much deeper level than any temporary trend ever can. This is not a trend, it´s about our survival.
It is about the ones we love the most.
About their lifes and their future.
We can not negotiate about their lifes. Ever.
And we know that.

What we can see is that many, if not most modern business of today are about to ajust to the present situation. The climate crisis is the most important factor to concider of all matters.
We must enable future generations need of being able to live on this beautiful planet by redefining the interpretation of sustainability and start taking it seriously.

Develop. Grow. Go green. For real.

The most essential work of every aware management's response is to develop and create a environmentally good process behind every business. All the way without compromises.

Our children and their children will be able to thrive and live loving lifes in harmony with nature if we include the ecological aspekt as a synonymuos to sustainability. So we must.
The financiall steadyness no longer defines sustainability, but the sincere concern of the enviromentally impact that each development contains.
This carries the heaviest weight in the concept of true modern sustainability.




And again; what can a small person do?

A lot!
 Be a picky consumer! :) 

Some serious and some silly suggestions:

- Eat local, and as much as possible vegetarian and organic
- Take the train, do not fly unless you must
- Support good products in general, avoid crap
- Sometimes less is more
- Recykle and compost
- Reject bad products
- Plant trees and grow your own food if you have the possibility
- Repair, make it a habit, learn how
- Take a deep breath right now, and one more, and again, relax
- Become a beekeeper
- Invest in sustainable businesses if you have money to spend
- Contemplate over true luxury and contentment, what is it for you
- Choose wisely when you need something new
- Buy second hand if you can
- Start a farm or urban gardening. Grow anything, everywhere
- Reuse all that is possible, like a plasticbag
- Repair and polish your shoes, don´t throw them away
- Enjoy nature, often
- Make mistakes, try again
- No more wear and tear
- Plant another tree :) 
- Celebrate small steps in the right direction
- Refuse all kind of disposable products
- Relax, smile, inspire
- Try a new vegetarian meal today
- Take care of yourself and your loved ones
- Discover what you truly value
- See beyond the surface
- Find alternative to fabric softener if you must use it
- Leave the car and walk, bicykle, maybe localbus if it works 4 you
- Be kind to yourself and others
- Try meditation, sing out load and dance a lot
- Dry your laundrary outside
- Renovate with recykled stuff, use natural paint
- Cooperate with neighbours
- Stop blame-game
- Give and recieve hope-encourage goodness
- Find new beginnings
- Let go of what no longer serves you
- Continue the list with your own ideas...
- Let it grow, share it



// Sprinkle Daily





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