What is happening today is surreal in so many ways. Suddenly nobody can ignore the amazingly powerful movment kickstarted by Swedish amazing Greta Thunberg.
Kids are taking on the responsibility to act about what adults should not have let happened in the first place. It´s confusing and sad. And sparkling of life and power on the other hand.

Yesterday Greta and a group of 15 other children filed a complaint with the United Nations Monday alleging that five of the world's major economies have violated their human rights by not taking adequate action to stop the unfolding climate crisis.
"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words — and yet, I'm one of the lucky ones," Thunberg said Monday. "People are suffering, people are dying."
The petition names five countries - Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey, which they say have failed to uphold their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a 30-year-old human rights treaty which is the most widely ratified in history.
They charge that the countries have not used their resources "to prevent the deadly and foreseeable consequences" of the current climate crisis, or cooperated effectively with other nations to address the problem.

The grown up that doe´s not react with profound care and a feeling of just wanting to protect these beautiful young beings from all this mess is most probobly not born.
Or are at least not a parent.
How can you not hear those children and totally love and respect them for their actions?
Are children our times wisdom keepers?



We should all be in deep shame as adults over the previous generations behavior and the abscence of awareness and wisdom that we live from. Greta is right!
The individualistic era rapidly faces it´s funeral, and the time has come to gather for the sake of our future. It is now!
So; as adults and mature, responsible people, what we do?

They children also call out each of the countries for their "inadequate" pledges to reduce greenhouse gases, saying that the cuts they have agreed to will not keep global temperatures from rising less than 2 degrees Celsius, the goal that was set by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Scientists have warned that global warming of 2 degrees Celsius will result in more frequent and dangerous heat waves, rising sea levels and declining crop yields around the world.
The children also say that their lives have already been impacted by the climate crisis, and that their future livelihoods will be endangered as the impacts worsen.

We must respond quick and effective on their needs to get safe.
Act to rescue their faith on a future nice life, and to really show them our unconditional love and trust. Those "kids" are not the fools!
They understand and they act, let us do not less!
Let´s do more.

The children do not ask for any monetary compensation. Instead, they ask that the countries immediately adjust their climate goals and work with other nations to address the crisis.

We need to overcome every obsticle and challenge to deserve to get their trust on us back.
Today its a collectiv issue that like if we want our children to have a feeling of faith, we simply must act. We must show them. By making good choises, by sacrificing sometimes, by investing wisely.

The United States - which has contributed more global warming-inducing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than any other country - cannot be held in violation because it has not ratified the part of the treaty that allows children to seek justice for potential violations.
And China, which currently emits more greenhouse gases than any other country, has also not signed onto that portion of the treaty.
The United States and China must therefore show their responsibility as giant nations out of free will and according to a moral standard that accompanies their size.

Source: Sprinkle Daily/CNN


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