The impact of climate change cause trauma in Iceland

The first ever national survey examining the human impact of the climate emergency, revealed  that more than 90% of islanders interviewed fully accept that the climate crisis is happening, with a further 76% claiming to have personally experienced global heating in their daily lives, from coping with dangerous sea ice journeys to having sled dogs euthanised for economic reasons tied to shorter winters. Islanders are therefore struggling to reconcile impact of global heating with traditional way of life, survey finds

According to its lead author, Kelton Minor, the survey finally gives Greenland’s most remote and inaccessible communities a voice on the climate crisis.

He said: “The Arctic is a bellwether for the unequal impact of global warming on social and economic systems. As countries struggle to limit future risks and overall warming to 1.5C [an increase of 2.7F], many Arctic and Greenlandic residents are already living in regional climates that have changed by more than this, in less than a lifetime.

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A new efficient Hydrogen Powered Car That Emits Water Instead Of Carbon Dioxide

It’s been a long road for fuel cell cars to get to where they are now, a possible option. It all started back in the 1980s when fuel-cells themselves had to be physically shrunk to fit into a normal car, not the back of a van. Then they had to make them affordable and the fuel able to be widely available. All of these obstacles have been overcome yet fuel cell cars still have not been mass adopted.

That is because they were not found to be very efficient. To produce the gas, compress it, and transport it is costly. However, there is a special little fuel cell car called Rasa that is drastically more economical and its creator has come up with a more efficient hydrogen distribution system too. The car and the system around are both part of a grand plan by the company Riversimple, founded by Hugo Spowers, former motor racer and mechanical engineer of race cars.


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Rwanda opens up for African migrants refused by Europe

The situation for African refugees in Libya, and the unwillingness of EU to facilitate them, has sparked the president of the tiny country of Rwanda to help out.

President Kagame welcomed the “opportunity for Rwanda to also support refugees stranded in Libya, at these difficult times”.

The Rwandan offer is consistent with Mr Kagame’s record of engagement in the migration problem.

- The desperate situation in Libya is disturbing and we are prepared to provide support and sanctuary for our African brothers who are stuck in the immigration debacle in Libya, and who are willing to move to Rwanda,” President Kagame said.

President Kagame are among many African leaders invited to the G7 meeting scheduled for August 24-26 in French coastal town of Biarritz. The issue of resettling the African immigrants is expected to feature in the meeting.

- We are indeed exploring the Rwandan evacuation option alongside the African Union as we try to find a solution to this,” Vincent Cochetel, UN High Commissioner for Refugees special envoy for the Central Mediterranean said.

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